Swiss HLG Winter Conference 2019

Dear member and friend of Swiss HLG,

Highly interesting presentations and great networking turned this year’s event into yet another success story! More than 90 participants enjoyed the Swiss HLG Winter Conference 2019 in a most pleasant setting. 

Many thanks to our sponsors for their vital and generous support!
Without this support an event like this would not be feasible.

Winter Conference Survey
We would request you to take a few minutes and fill out the online Winter Conference Survey, and we kindly ask you to leave a testimonial.

We are looking forward to meet you again at one of our future events: Summer Conference May 2019, IPLS Septermber 18th to 20th in Paris, and next Swiss HLG Winter Conference February 2nd to 4th, 2020.

Yours sincerely

Gabrielle Gache
President Swiss HLG

Ragip Ziyal
Board member and Conference Director

Sponsors 2019